Corona virus Case Updates In Indian State

Corona Case Updates In Indian State

Most people around the world are currently searching for small data connected to the corona virus on the Google platform and behaving accordingly. There are also many of these people who often take the wrong drug to protect themselves from the corona virus and some become victims of hackers.

So the question arises as to what kind of information we should not search on Google connected to this virus. We should point out that no one has yet made an official site about the corona virus. If you would like to get accurate and accurate information about this virus then you can check it out on WHO (World Health Organization) official website.

Apart from this, the Corona Virus Home Test Kit is not currently available in the market. So you can get checkup by contacting the government’s helpline number or the nearest hospital to get information about the infection. Do not do this if you are searching Google on corona virus medicine. Because you have a strong probability of getting false drug information in this regard. So if you are infected with this virus, contact a doctor immediately. Apart from this, there are also videos on the Google Platform mostly carrying the Corona virus which have no credibility to the information provided. Therefore, visit the doctors only to get information about corona.

State wise corona Live updates From Ministry of health And Family Welfare :

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