Good News For TAT – 1 And TAT – 2 The Largest Recruitment Coming Up

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Good News For TAT – 1 And TAT – 2

Good News For TAT – 1 And TAT – 2 The Largest Recruitment Coming Up : The new recruitment process that the government has undertaken in the secondary and higher secondary schools in the state is perhaps considered as the largest recruitment of such a large number simultaneously.

The Centralized recruitment process, which started on the basis of TAT-1 and TAT-2, has recruited around 3,000 seats in the year-to-eight years.

But this time around 8,000 seats will be recruited simultaneously, sources in the education department say. Importantly, the appointments of retired teachers on October 7 will also be covered in this recruitment.

The recruitment process of teachers and principals has been centralized in primary schools and high schools. It has to pass the TAT-2 exam for the teachers of standard I and II and pass the TAT-2 exam for standard 1-5.

The Teacher Aptitude Test (TAT) examination and recruitment process was started from year-1. So far, a total of 3 teachers were enrolled in the high school three times a year, 3, 4 and 5. About 3,000 seats were recruited in all three phases.

Three years after that, a teacher is going to be enrolled in high school. For this, the school commissioner’s office also circulated on Monday to send the details of vacant seats from different districts by September 7th.

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