Famous Place Of Gujarat Part 2

Knowledge About Famous Place Of Gujarat


The Growth Engine in India, Gujarat is the most important business hub in the country. From gems and jewelry to gas and power, from biotech and pharma to engineering and auto, from information technology to food and agriculture, Gujarat provides horsepower to all the sectors that lead India on the path to success. So, eventually you can expect a state that sweat and bleed to achieve their targets and a state that focuses and works untiringly to bring out the best! Sounds too dramatic?? Well, it has to be! I mean why you would open any random blog about Gujarat Tourism and read till the end until and unless it doesn’t have something that catch your eyes! Right? Now that I have caught your attention, let me say just one last thing before we get to the list of popular weekend getaways in Gujarat… ‘Each one of us needs a break from our work and each one of us deserves it and believe it or not; travel is the best way to beat all your anxieties and stresses, it just revitalizes you and replenishes you with the energy to battle out challenges in life effectively!’ If you are planning a weekend trip to Gujarat then here is the detailed list of the best 32 weekend getaways in Gujarat.

Gir National Park

Gir National Park makes for an ideal weekend escape for wildlife lovers. It is to be noted that it is the largest home to the Asiatic Lions in India. Other than that, this rich forest is the safe shelter for Sambar and spotted deer (chital), blue bull (nilgai), chousingha (the world’s only four-horned antelope), chinkara (Indian gazelle) and wild boar, Jackal, striped hyena, jungle cat, rusty-spotted cat, langur, porcupine and black-naped Indian. One can also spot about 250 species of birds in the national park. So, if watching wildlife is in your head and bird watching is one of your interests, then visiting Gir National Park is an ideal weekend plan in Gujarat.

Great Rann Of Kutch


The White Salt Desert is definitely a place that one should visit in his lifetime. The Great Rann of Kutch is by far the largest white salt desert in India and is truly a magnificent destination to be at. One can enjoy camel safaris on a moonlit night (During the Rann Utsav in December-March). Accommodation is available at the nearby villages called Dhordo and Hodka. It is once in a lifetime experience to be at Great Rann, and is indeed one of the best weekend tours you will ever plan in your life!


Famous Place Of Gujarat Part 2

Dwarka needs no introduction; this sacred city of Lord Krishna has unspoiled charm that draws a large number of Hindu devotees all year long. One of the four Dhams in India (Hindu Pilgrimage Destinations), Dwarka is nestled in the lap of Gujarat, offering divinity and abundant peace to everyone who visits it. Amongst the most important places to visit in Dwarka, Dwarkadhish Temple is a five-storied shrine believed to had been constructed 1400 years ago. Other than this, you would love to see Bet Dwarka, Okha (30kms from Dwarka) and different temples dedicated to Rukmini (Lord Krishna’s Wife), Mirabai, Narsinh Mehta and Shank Narayan.


A holy town in Junagadh district, Somnath is revered highly as one of the places where the Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva are kept. The temple is the centre point of all the local and tourists activities of the town. Although, Somnath Temple is the reason behind Somnath being a popular tourist attraction, another reason can be its scenic location near the coast. So, other than visiting temples and cleansing one’s soul, tourists can enjoy some good time at the beach as well. Junagadh Gate and Panch Pandav Gufa (Cave) are the famous tourist destinations in Somnath.


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