Important News About Fix Pay

By | March 30, 2017

Fix Pay

Nitin Patel announces 7500 kg or more in weight of 1 percent reduction in vehicle tax: Pay Workers hope. (By Ashwin diameter) Gandhinagar. 30: Deputy Chief of the Assembly Government’s Urban Development Minister had made some important disclosures. The details of the advertisements are as follows.

Fix Pay Detail

(1) College pradhyapakone Rs. 25,Fixed amount of 000 were given the increase (Rs. 40,Is set to 000).

(Ii) Part time college professors that he was the subject lecturer. It was decided to make them permanent.

(3) Exercise / picture / music will be a positive decision to get better jobs.

(4) dated Guards personnel. 1/4/2017 from Rs. Instead of Rs 300 were given. An increase of 100 Rs. 400 will be given.

(W) announced One Time Settlement Scheme for the tribal people by the Tribal Welfare Department (interest on loans) in which Rs. 123 million in interest charges 1,05,Will benefit 682 tribesmen. 143 crore will be financed.

(6) Vehicles practice she was 7% tax on vehicles with a weight of 7500 kg have decreased 1%.

(7) Hope worker sisters 38000 Preparations are underway to increase his wage, which will pay the Government of Gujarat.

Important News About Fix Pay

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